March 02, 2020


We love getting involved with different organizations, events and businesses. Check out what we have been up to.


1) Nashim Magazine is pushing boundaries with important topics, moving stories and taking woman front and center. We are proud to be featured on their cover but even more so to have met the incredible models.


2) Donna Simantov is a motivational speaker and educator, who also runs a podcast as well. I recently went on and spoke about my story of abuse and my work with Shalom Task Force. If you want to hear my Podcast, click here

3) Melinda Strauss famous for Kitchen Tested, Kavana Conference, Food Social Media Summit amongst other things has a podcast. I recently went on to discuss the after effects of my podcast with Donna Simantov as well as add some information and education that I have gained across this journey called life. Listen here

4) The JWE is something that has been a part of my life for a long time. It has provided me with mentors, education and helped me grow my business. Now I am volunteering to organize the swag and looking forward to attending and benefitting from all the new classes and seminars they are offering. To learn more or purchase tickets Click Here or click here for Apple 



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