Winter Vacation Packing Guide

January 01, 2020

Winter Vacation Packing Guide

I’m the mom with a color-coded, columned and itemized excel sheet. For Vacation. Sunshine and sand are relaxing, suitcases and spreadsheets are how I get to that relaxation. I will not hide from the “crazy lady” that gets yelled as my family receives their packing lists (3 weeks in advance) and is notified that should they not update me with items needed within the next week, they will not be able to add them to our then hermetically sealed suitcases which will be lined up at the door no later than 2 weeks before our trip. So while I could share that list with you, I will not risk “crazy lady” being heard around the world. Instead, I’ll share my (and soon your) favorite hacks for your totally Instagrammable yet beyond relaxing vacation.

1)This incredible dress is from Esteez and I had Berryed Treasures put her spin on it. The dress has pockets which is a major win but always being the extra girl I am…

2)I bought this fluorescent fanny packLow maintenance for under $20, it’s two years later and still taking its rightful place among our vacation things.

3)Remember when I said I’m extra? This may seem so but it’s actually a necessity: leggings in 3 lengths. Shorts for under those twirly skirts so that we don’t have any “flare up” Marilyn Monroe moments, Capris for warm days where we do activities and long ones for evening or coolers days. I also love how easily a good pattern can elevate an outfit; these are fromFrench Bull.

Vacation Wardrobe: basics, statement pieces and accessories. It’s how I create my looks to be comfortable and versatile, two vaca necessities.

4)Valeri’s Boutique should really just officially give me the brand ambassador title. Because they are priced well, and have very unique and extremely comfortable products, Valeri’s is my go-to for headgear. They also wash well, that headband has been through the machine multiple times and still looks perfect.

5)My 3/4 sleeve tops are from Esteez and I’m a die-hard fan. They have a few different styles and I buy 1 or 2 colors of each.

6)My Aurora skirt was designed by us keeping all woman in mind. The cut may be straight but the top is flat enough you can wear a longer top. The waist is adjustable and features a fun ribbon. The length, while long, is easy to hem and the side stripes hides a lay flat pocket, that is covered with an invisible zipper. 

7) I always travel with a basic long sleeve top that can be dressed up or down because you never know what the weather will be like. My Eliana top is perfect for that. 

8)Our Faux Leather, Vegan approved Roxanne Skirt pairs perfectly with tshirts, sweatshirts, jackets and a rock in’ attitude.

9) The versatility queen, the Debbie dress comes black or green and has so many incredible travel-ready features. A hood with strings that close it up tight to block light so you can sleep (or pretend to be) on the plane, pockets big enough to hold a cell phone, coffee cup and more that also lays flat when empty. Multi-directional zippers mean you can curl up in a chair, layer the bottom and unzip it creating a cool effect of an oversized top, and perfect for breastfeeding moms. The super stretchy cotton makes it perfect for easy movement and the exceptionally flattering style will make sure it’ll quickly become a closet staple. But will the dress make it to your closet or stay on the treadmill for easy access…

10) My favorite beach bag ever was a splurge a few years back but with it being so big and chic and the inside being plastic, making it easy to clean, it was my best splurge! 
Buy the Bag is my favorite brand and each one is so unique!

11)Tzipora from Berryed Treasures is my go to for all things personalized and no vacation is complete without matching family shirts.

“this is my

family vacation shirt”

12) Do you know how many ways you can wear your scarf?! 

They’re 40” x 40” making them ginormous enough to use multiple ways. 

a)around your head in a variety of ways

b)Around your waist as a sarong up to size 6/8

c)around your shoulder when it’s chilly

d)wrap your dog and keep him warm

e) it works as a belt up to size 18/20!

Use code WVPG for 50% off your entire purchase now through Jan 15 2020

13)The worst thing is waiting for your luggage at the baggage carousel only to find out that you and 20 other families all bough the same Amazing Savings Duffel Bag. We have a few pieces at home that get dressed up with ribbons and fancy tape but the best piece ever has been my colorful luggage from Breezy's.
The colorful Wardrobe Print Luggage  is super easy to spot, very lightweight, has multiple pockets AND is very durable. I have owned this same piece for 12 years and we’re excited to celebrate future birthdays to come!

 14)A noticeable carry-on is an easy for the rest of your party to spot you. Plus, you should always make sure it is expandable so you can squish in extra purchases on your way home. This stunner from  Berryed Treasures always fits the bill and can be customized any way you want.

 15) 3 words: FREEZER Ziplock bags. Every shape and size. The freezer ones are more durable than the originals and they’re perfect to add wet clothing to, snack bags that tear, a shampoo bottle that is leaking... They weigh nothing and take up no room making them better than any other fancy QVC product, plus you can throw them out after without guilt!


Wishing you a SAFE and FUN vacation,


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