About Us

Love & Laughter is a clothing line created by Breezy (of Breezy's on Central ave in Cedarhurst) to express her style, creativity and passion. It is a size inclusive line, where most items go from size 0-20. The clothing is Modest, yet form fitting and flattering at the same time.

This line was created with Love and Laughter, that means we want you to look in the mirror and smile when your wearing our clothing. We try and incorporate a lot of color and patterns in all our pieces. We want it to feel good on you, hold up to your daily life and for it to fit perfectly.

Many of our designs are created in house and produced in limited quantity. They are also designed to coordinate with each other, so almost every items coordinates with a different scarf. We also keep versatility in mind when designing so each scarf is also large enough to double as a belt up to size 18 and the bombshell jackets are light enough to wear as a jacket in the fall and a shirt in the winter.

Love & Laughter is divided into 3 categories:

LOVE COLLECTION: Love is about the fancy, the elegant and the professional moments in your life. The times you need to dress to impress and take it over the top.

& COLLECTION: & (And) is the basics, the add on's and the necessities to tie it all together. Its our purses (limited stock), scarves and basics.

LAUGHTER COLLECTION:Laughter is the fun, basic, everyday outfit that is put together, comfortable and is easy to wear.