Must Have Kitchen Tools

These items take up so little room and make such a huge impact!

1)Easy Turn Spiral Slicer makes any veggie into spaghetti using the same style as a pencil sharpener making it easy and safe enough for kids to use!

2)Metal Ring is deep enough to do layered appetizers and desserts. Cut and layer circles of cakes, guacamole, tuna tartare and more!

3)Circle Cutter makes cutting circles for kreplach, cookies, pastry and more 

4)Lattice Cutter makes gross in your dough so it’s perfect for pie crusts, Meat wrapped In dough and more!

5)Squeezit Bottles dill with any sauce or jam and decorate plates, write on cakes and more! Also doubles as a personal ketchup bottle! 

6)Baking Cups that are so sturdy you can use them for dips, sauces, nuts, snacks, veggies as well as baking your favorite mini pies, kugels and cupcakes!

7)Silicone Baking Pan can also be used for baking as well as jello and ice cream mold